January 4th Contradance

We'll kick off the New Year on January 4th with a contradance featuring music by Eleemosynary and Casey Mullaney calling.

Eleemosynary members are all local musicians, led by Peter Blue on nyckelharpa and accordion. Other members are Carol Mandigo playing guitar and Danny Birnbaum on bass.
Each of the musicians plays with other area bands but as Eleemosynary, they play traditional and new contra dance music, with emphasis one tunes composed by Peter Blue.
And in keeping with the nane of the band, a portion of their proceeds from each performance is donated to a local charity

Casey began her calling career while attending Hartwick College and has expanded her experience to other dances in the upstate NY area. Since leaving the area, she has continued her interest in contradancing and with her friendly calling manner and clear instructions, we're happy to welcome her back to our dance!

Have a happy New Year...hope to see you Friday!

December 7th Contradance

Our last contradance for 2018 will be held on Friday December 7th at the Presbyterian Church Chapel in Cooperstown. Music will be by Ms Marty & SGB and Peter Stix will be calling.

Marty Blodgett brings her fun-loving music from Ithaca and leads her “Smokin' Good Band” on fiddle. She is joined by regular Jess Youngquest playing guitar and harmonica and for our dance, guest musician Jon Dember will play accordion. 
They play a combination of great fiddle music with a ragtime style and their repertoire includes traditional contra tunes as well as swing tunes and vocals like 'It's a Sin to Tell a Lie'.

Peter Stix is a well-known caller and teacher of New England contradances. He has been the featured caller at events all over the country and currently oversees the Albany Contradance series as well as leading dances in and around the Capital District. 

With Peter's wide range of dances and SGB's lively and creative music, it's sure to be a great dance! 

November 2nd Contradance

We'll be holding our monthly contradance on Friday November 2nd at the Presbyterian Church in Cooperstown. Music will be by Tailwind and Hilton Baxter will be calling.

Tailwind, a band formerly known as Fancy That, is still made up of the same members. Leader Curt Osgood is well known for his skill on the hammered dulcimer which he has played for over thirty years. 
Joining him are fiddler Henry Jankiewicz and John Wobus on keyboard, both of whom are talented contradance musicians, playing with numerous groups in a wide range of styles.
Together they play a mix of traditional, folk, and old-timey music, including both modern, Celtic and Americana tunes.

Hilton Baxter has called contradances for 20 years at dances throughout central New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and beyond. His dance instructions are clear and his calm gentle style and light sense of fun make the dances easy and enjoyable for everyone, especially when he adds a square or triplet to spice things up

The combination of the dulcimer and fiddle make a unique sound in contradance music so join us on the 2nd and hear for yourself.

October 5th Contradance

Our October contradance will be held Friday October 5th at the Presbyterian Church in Cooperstown. The band Rosetree will provide the music and Ted Crane will be the caller.

Rosetree consists of Amy Shapiro on fiddle and nyckelharpa (a Swedish folk instrument) and Allen Lutins on guitar. Both are well-known musicians playing with various groups in New York's central and southern tier areas. 
Playing together since 2003, their duo performances feature European folk music (especially Celtic, Eastern European and Scandinavian) as well as Old Time, Bluegrass and other 'Americana' classics..

Ted Crane has been a contradance caller in the Ithaca area since 1979 as well as playing bodhra (a Celtic frame drum) with several bands during that time. In addition to organizing many contradance events, he is well known for his dance database, a main Internet reference for national dance scheduling. 
Ted calls a lively program of traditional, contemporary, and original contras and an occasion square or circle dance.

Now that the summer is over and the weather has cooled off, hope to see you on the 5th!

September 7th Contradance

Our fall season will begin with a contradance on Friday September 7th at the Presyterian Church in Cooperstown.
The music will be by the band Balter annd Robby Poulette willbe the caller.

Balter is a contradance band which brings together several talented area musicians with unique backgrounds.
It was formed by Oneonta musician Peter Blue who plays accordion, nyckelharpa, and percussion.
Other members are guitarist Carol Mandigo, Tom Wetmore on bass, and fiddler Tom White who also plays mandolin and whistle.
Peter says the band's name means "to dance without particular skill or grace but with extreme joy".

Robby, an active contradancer and dance organizer, started calling in 2014.
Since then, he has called dances throughout the Cooperstown area and beyond and is a regular caller at the Pine Lake dances in Oneonta.
His easy-going teaching ability helps new dancers feel comfortable and his friendly style makes the dance fun for everyone.

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend and join us on the 7th!

July 13th Contradance

As you may know, we usually don't dance in July and August.
But after having several cancellations due to the winter weather,
we have arranged to have a special contradance in July.

It will be on July 13th, the SECOND Friday of the month.
The band will be Air Power and Ed Bugel will be calling.

We'll be sending out reminders and more details, but if you're around,
put it on your calendar!

June 1st Contradance

After a great time at our Cuatro de Mayo dance in May, we're ready for another contradance on June 1st at the Presbyterian Church in Cooperstown. Our caller will be Hannah Otten and the music will be by Traverse.

Hannah Otten is a caller and fiddler from Columbia County NY. She has called throughout New York State and New England, and also teaches fiddle at Maine Fiddle Camp every summer. She has a clear calling style and a fun-loving teaching style, making the dance fun for beginners and veterans alike.

Traverse is a locally-based trio from the Oneonta and Cobleskill area. The band features Liz Brown on flute, Carol Mandigo on guitar, and Bernd Neumann on fiddle. Together they play traditional music from the various Celtic cultures as well as jigs and reels from New England and Quebec.

We're looking forward to an evenng of wonderful music and some nice spring weather, so hope you can join us!