Daily Star Press Release for February 5th contradance

If you read the Daily Star Community News today, you will see that, due to a mix-up, the information published about our February contradance is from our January dance.

A correction will be in tomorrow's paper (we hope), but here is the scoop.

Our dance will be held tomorrow night, Feb. 5th at 8:00 pm, Music will be by Men in Black (Robert Calandresa, John Potocnik, and Tom Ives) and Bob Nicholson will be calling.

Hope this clears up the confusion.

February 5th Contradance

For our February 5th dance, the music will be provided by Men in Black and Bob Nicholson will be calling.

Men in Black is made up of Robert Calandresa, John Potocnik, and Tom Ives, some of our fine local musicians.
As the band's leader, Robert has played accordion for many years in bands such as Klipnockie and Tame Rutabaga. He also has written many dance tunes and is a frequent dancer at our monthly events. John is a skilled traditional fiddler who is well known for playing with numerous area bands. He and his wife Carol Mandigo are also founders of the Catskill Puppet Theater, where they combine their musical skills and education with puppetry, to the delight of many . Tom Ives rounds out the trio on bass. They play a mix of
Celtic, French Canadian and Appalcahian fiddle music, as well as some original tunes by Robert.

Our caller, Bob Nicholson is a lifelong resident of Syracuse  and has been calling contra and square dances for more than 25 years. He appears at dances and festivals throughout New York, Pennsylvania, Ontario and beyond, and shows his love of contradancing with his enthusiasm and friendliness wherever he is calling.
Bob is well known for his relaxed teaching style and patience, which have made him especially successful with beginner dancers. And for veteran dancers, his enthusiasm and skill for picking the right dance for the crowd makes for a funfilled evening..

If you've never contradanced, this is a wonderful time to give it a try!
And if you already know how much fun it is, join us on Friday!

January 8th Contradance

Otsego Dance Society will kick off 2016 with a dance on Friday January 8th...
NOTE: this is the 2nd Friday of the month!
Music will be by Eleemosynary and Robby Poulette will be the caller.

Eleemosynary is the name of a band, made up of Peter Blue on nyckelharpa and button accordion, Carol Mandigo on guitar, and Danny Birnbaum on bass. Each of them play in several other bands as well as being regulars at local music sessions. Eleemosynary plays traditional and new contra dance music with an emphasis on tunes composed by Peter on nyckelharpa and accordion.

Eleemosynary means 'relating to alms, charity, or charitable donations' and in keeping with their name,
the band donates a portion of each performance to a local charity.

Robby is one of our regular contradancers and an ODS board member from Cooperstown. As an up-and-coming caller, he has called at many local area dances and led the Edmeston Home School youngsters at their Renaissance Fair Dance. His friendly style makes him fun to dance to and we are pleased to have him making his first appearance on his 'home turf'.

This is a great way to start the New Year. Remember that resolution to get more exercise...here's your chance! and it's fun too!

December 4th Contradance

Our December dance will feature local musicians Erik House, Kathy Shimberg, and Tom White.
Our caller will be Peter Blue.

Erik, from Springfield Center, has been fiddling most of his life. For many years, he and Kathy played together, frequently at our dances in Cooperstown, as well as with other bands.

Kathy is a life-long musicians from Mt. Vision. She plays a variety of instruments, piano being her specialty, although she also plays banjo and fiddle. She plays a wide variety of genres and styles and enjoys improvising harmonic variations within older traditional music. Over her career, she has played with a number of contradance bands as well as several bands playing for English Country dances and traditional Irish music.

Tom and Erik currently play with the Cherry Valley band 'Gravel Yard' for weddings, parties and other events.
Tom plays many different instruments but for our dance, he'll probably bring his fiddle, mandolin, concertina, and whistle!

Added to this combination is Peter Blue, a well-known Oneonta caller, musician, and dance organizer. Peter has called throughout the northeast and, in the past, has played with Erik and Kathy.
Peter has a casual calling style, a huge repertoire of dances, and a sense of humor which makes all his dances a fun experience!

As Erik has said, this promises to be a 'rousing good dance', so try to get there!

Contradance Performers

Callers and Bands who would like to perform at our dance
should contact our Booking Agent Len at contrabooker@gmail.com

Dancing is Good for Us!

We all know that contradancing is fun!
And we probably even know it is healthy for us.

Now a study confirms it.
Check out this link to find out more: http://www.enn.com/top_stories/article/49115

November 6th Contradance

Once again, our monthly dance will be featuring some great contradance music!
The band will be Rosetree and Hilton Baxter will be calling.

Rosetree consists of Amy Shapiro on fiddle and nyckleharpa and Allen Lutins playing guitar. Both musicians are well-known in the Binghamton region folk scene, having played for many years with the group "Wild Rose and the Thorns". As a duo, their performances feature Celtic, Americana, Eastern European, Scandinavian and other world folk styles.

To hear some of their music, check out their website: http://www.lutins.org/rosetree/

Hilton has been calling contradances for nearly 20 years and was the founder of the Binghamton Community Dance. As a caller, he has worked with many top bands throughout upstate New York, Pennsylvania and the East Coast. He has a calm and easy-going style, gives clear instructions for each dance, and loves adding a surprise dance or two.

This promises to be an evening full of fun for all!

And if you're looking for something to do with your kids, bring them along.
They're always welcome to dance, no matter their age, and if they're under 12, they get in free!