Tonight's dance is ON

The power is back and the dance is ON.
See you tonight

Power outage in Cooperstown

As you may know, there has been a power outage in Cooperstown all afternoon.
The current estimate for power to be restored is 5:00 pm

We are really hoping to hold the contradance tonight, so we are waiting until after 5:30 to see if power is back.

Around 5;45 we will update this sight, as well as facebook and also send an email letting everyone know if the dance is on.

Please check before leaving home!
Hope to see you later tonight

March 3rd Contradance

Our caller will be Peter Blue and the music will be by Erik House and Friends.

Peter is well known throughout New York, New England and beyond as a musician, caller, and organizer of the Pine Lake dances at Hartwick College. His easy-going calling style and sense of humor make for an evening full of surprises.

Erik House is the leader of this month's band and a life-long fiddler from Springfield Center. He will be joined by “Friends” Kathy Shimberg and Tom White. Kathy plays piano and several other instruments in a variety of styles and has been involved in contradancing for years as a caller and dancer as well as a musician. Tom is also versatile, playing fiddle, mandolin, whistle and more. 

 So with this great group, as Erik says, “we should have a rousing good dance”.
Hope to see you on the 3rd!

February 3rd Contradance

Our February contradance will have Robby Poulette calling and music by Eleemosynary.

Robby got interested in calling while at Hartwick College and was coached by Peter Blue.
Since he began, he has performed at many events including dances at Pine Lake and leading the Renaissance Fair dance held by the the Edmeston Home Schoolers.

Eleemosynary is a band led by Peter Blue on accordion and nyckleharpa. He is joined Carol Mandigo on guitar and Danny Birnbaum playing bass. They play traditional tunes and original compositions by Peter.
They have all played locally for many years and are members of several other bands as well as playing at local jam sessions. Eleemosynary grew out of those sessions and a desire to play together for dancing. 

Eleemosynary means "of, pertaining to, or dependent upon charity." Accordingly a portion of the band's income at each performance is donated to local charities.
So join us on the 3rd for a fun night of music and dancing!
And remember, we're starting at 7:30 now.

Reminder about Time Change

Don't forget that, beginning on January 6th, our dance times will change.
We will be starting at 7:30 and ending at 10:30 pm
Hope to see you this Friday!

Caller change for January dance

We have a change in the caller for our January contradance.

Casey Mullaney a former Hartwick College student, contradancer and caller, is back in the area and will be calling our January dance.
Casey's love of contradancing led her to earn calling from Peter Blue.
Her warm and friendly style makes every dance fun.
So we are really pleased to see her again!

January 6th Contradance

We'll be starting our 2017 season with a contradance on Friday January 6th.
Ed Bugel will be the caller and music will be by Traverse.

Ed is a local caller from Oneonta and a longtime contradancer. He incorporates his love of energetic dances and his quirky sense of humor into his calling. He calls a mixture of traditional and contemporary contradances, some of his own devising, and has a clear and friendly style which is fun for all dancers, whether beginners or veterans.

Traverse is a locally-based band featuring Liz Brown on flute, Carol Mandigo on guitar, and Bernd Neumann on fiddle. Together they play traditional music from a repertoire of Celtic and French Canadian tunes as well as contemporary American contra dance tunes.

Remember that starting this month, our dance times will change. We will start at 7:30 and go until 10:30
Robby will be continuing our introduction to some contradancing basics, which will now start at 7:15.

So start your New Year with some fun dancing and join us on the 6th.