September 7th Contradance

Our fall season will begin with a contradance on Friday September 7th at the Presyterian Church in Cooperstown.
The music will be by the band Balter annd Robby Poulette willbe the caller.

Balter is a contradance band which brings together several talented area musicians with unique backgrounds.
It was formed by Oneonta musician Peter Blue who plays accordion, nyckelharpa, and percussion.
Other members are guitarist Carol Mandigo, Tom Wetmore on bass, and fiddler Tom White who also plays mandolin and whistle.
Peter says the band's name means "to dance without particular skill or grace but with extreme joy".

Robby, an active contradancer and dance organizer, started calling in 2014.
Since then, he has called dances throughout the Cooperstown area and beyond and is a regular caller at the Pine Lake dances in Oneonta.
His easy-going teaching ability helps new dancers feel comfortable and his friendly style makes the dance fun for everyone.

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend and join us on the 7th!

July 13th Contradance

As you may know, we usually don't dance in July and August.
But after having several cancellations due to the winter weather,
we have arranged to have a special contradance in July.

It will be on July 13th, the SECOND Friday of the month.
The band will be Air Power and Ed Bugel will be calling.

We'll be sending out reminders and more details, but if you're around,
put it on your calendar!

June 1st Contradance

After a great time at our Cuatro de Mayo dance in May, we're ready for another contradance on June 1st at the Presbyterian Church in Cooperstown. Our caller will be Hannah Otten and the music will be by Traverse.

Hannah Otten is a caller and fiddler from Columbia County NY. She has called throughout New York State and New England, and also teaches fiddle at Maine Fiddle Camp every summer. She has a clear calling style and a fun-loving teaching style, making the dance fun for beginners and veterans alike.

Traverse is a locally-based trio from the Oneonta and Cobleskill area. The band features Liz Brown on flute, Carol Mandigo on guitar, and Bernd Neumann on fiddle. Together they play traditional music from the various Celtic cultures as well as jigs and reels from New England and Quebec.

We're looking forward to an evenng of wonderful music and some nice spring weather, so hope you can join us!

May 4th Contradance details

If you didn't get to our April dance, 
here are the details about our special contradance on 
May 4th.

And, for those of you who love Mexican food,
the Presbyterian Church is having a fundraiser dinner from 4-7 pm.
Come early for some great food and support a good cause. 

May 4th (Cuatro de Mayo) Contradance

This month's contradance will be held on Cuatro de Mayo, an early Cinco de Mayo celebration.  
Our caller will be Bob Nicholson and the music will be by Eileen Nicholson Kalfass and John Wobus.

Bob Nicholson, a caller from Syracuse, has an easy-going style which is especially helpful for beginners.
And his large repertoire of contradances, squares and other dances of all types will likely include something to fit the dance's theme.

John Wobus plays piano at contradances and jams in the NY and New England area and is part of several groups including Fancy That and Crooked Sixpence. Eileen Kalfass plays fiddle and is a member of the bands Seaglass, Happy Endings, and Continental Drift.
John and Ellen's tunes typically include ones from New England, Scotland, Ireland, and Quebec, but they may find something with a Mexican flavor.

Contradancing is a lively style of dance done to live music that is very social and loads of fun. All ages are welcome and no experience or dance partner is needed. The steps are easy to learn and the caller teaches each dance. 

So this dance, with its fiesta-style decorations and Mexican treats is sure to be fun for all ages!

April 6th Contradance

Finally! We're ready to dance!

Friday April 6th will be our next contradance.
Music will be by Men in Black and Garry Aney will be the caller.

Men in Black is made up of Robert Calandresa on accordion, John Potocnik on fiddle and Tom Ives playing bass. The band was organized by Robert a few years ago and are regulars at our contradances. Their strong and energetic playing reflects their wide variety of musical backgrounds and experience, whether they're playing Celtic or Old-time styles or adding in country harmonies.

Garry Aney is a long-time caller who adds a historical perspective to his calling. His dance repertoire includes dances from all points in American history, ranging from Revolutionary times to modern-day contradances.

So, if the weatherman agrees, we'll have a great dance.
Hope to see you there on the 6th.

March 2nd Contradance CANCELLED

As you probably expected, we are cancelling our contradance tonight,
due to the severe weather for the rest of the day and evening

It is always disappointing when we need to cancel a dance,
but the safety of our dancers and performers is really important.

Hope to see you at our next dance on April 6th.