2017 Schedule

Tonight's dance is the end of our 2016 schedule and it's been a great year.

Our new booker, Robby Poulette, has been hard at work arranging a great lineup of musicians and callers for the 2017 schedule. 

If you know any bands or callers who would like to play for us, now's the time to contact him!
You can email him at ODS@oneonta.edu.

Or, better yet, come to the dance tonight and talk to him about it.
Either way, have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year

December 2nd Contradance

Our last contradance of the year will be held on Friday December 2nd at the Presbyterian Church in Cooperstown. Peter Blue will be the caller and the music will be provided by the Men in Black.

Peter has been calling contradances throughout the Northeast with many musicians including Jay Ungar and Molly Mason. With an easygoing calling style and sense of humor, he draws on his large repertoire of dances to provide an evening of fun for people of all skill levels.

Men in Black is a recently-formed trio, organized by Robert Calandresa and made up of Robert, John Potocnik, and Tom Ives. 
Robert is a life-long accordionist and has played contradances locally, the Albany area and western Massachusetts. He has also played in local musical productions and has published his own tune book. 
John is a skilled traditional fiddler, well-known as part of many area contradance bands, as well as being co-founder of the Catskill Puppet Theatre. 
Tom is another fixture in the local music scene. After many years teaching instrumental music in area schools, he has become a dedicated bass player, adding its rhythm and deep sounds to the group. 

Together the trio's strong and energetic playing reflects the rich variety of their musical backgrounds.

Come kick off your holiday season with some great dancing! And if you're new to contradancing, come at 7:45 for an introduction to some basic dance steps.

Contradance Starting Time

At our last dance (and via email), we announced that our hours will be changing, 
so that the dances will start and end earlier.

This does NOT go into effect until January 2017.
For our November and December dances, we will still be starting at 8:00 pm.

Reminders will be sent when we actually begin the new hours.

November 4th Contradance

Our November contradance will be on Friday November 4th.
The caller will be Bob Nicholson and the band will be Fancy That!

Bob is a long-time caller from Syracuse with a smooth, easy-going style. He is well-known for his teaching skill which quickly helps get beginners dancing with experienced dancers. And he has a knack for picking the right dances for the crowd, making for a fun-filled night.  

Fancy That! is led by Curt Osgood, well known for his skill playing hammered dulcimer, as well as his efforts (through workshops and classes) to stimulate interest in the hammered dulcimer and its traditions.
Playing with him are fiddler Henry Jankiewicz, and John Wobus on keyboard, both of whom play with many area groups in a wide variety of styles. 

As Fancy That!, they play a mix of traditional and modern folk music, including a variety of Celtic, French Canadian and Americana tunes. The harp-like sound of the hammered dulcimer gives their music a unique sound which is always great to dance to!
See more about Curt and his activities on his website  http://curtosgood.com/

Henry joins Curt on some of his CD's and videos. You can watch them playing at the Old Time Fiddlers Gathering a few years ago

Join us on the 4th for an evening of great dancing!

Instruction for Beginners

Are you new to contradancing?
Or have you contradanced before but not sure of some of the steps?
Don't worry!

Beginning in October, if you come 15 minutes early (7:45), 
Robby Poulette will be teaching some of the basic steps.
They are easy and Robby is a great teacher.

Hopefully this will help you will feel more confident when you step on the dancefloor.

And remember, when you're dancing, there are plenty of friendly people ready to help!

October 7th Contradance

This month's contradance will be on Friday October 7th.
Music will be by Rosetree and the caller will be Hilton Baxter.

Rosetree is a duo made up of Amy Shapiro playing fiddle and nyckleharpa and Allen Lutins on guitar. They are both long-time performers throughout New York and Pennsylvania, bringing a breadth of folk music styles to the contra dance floor.
They feature European folk music (especially Celtic, Eastern European and Scandinavian) as well as Old Time, Bluegrass and other 'Americana' classics. 

To hear some of their music, check out their website: http://www.lutins.org/rosetree/

Hilton has been calling contradances up and down the East coast since the late 1990's, working with many wonderful musicians. His calm, gentle style and clear instructions for each dance make the dance fun for beginners and experienced dancers alike.
Amy and Allen always give us a spirited evening of fun-filled dancing, amazing listeners that there are only two of them! 
So join us on the 7th!

10,000 Steps a Day

You may have heard the general recommendation to walk 10,000 per day (about 5 miles).
Why not try contradancing instead? 
It's great exercise and much more fun than just walking!

Not sure how many miles you can dance. No problem!
We'll have pedometers at the September dance so you can find out.
Bet you'll be surprised!