October 3rd Contradance

Our October dance will be held Friday, October 3rd. Music will be by Alt-Escape and the caller will be Casey Mullaney.

Alt-Escape is an offshoot from the band Tunescape and a variation of 'Escape' (another offshoot). It is made up of Tim Ball on fiddle, Gail Blake on guitar and Peter Blue playing button accordion, nyckelharpa, and percussion. Like Tunescape, their music borrows from nearly every dance music tradition, playing Quebecois-Irish-Swedish-French-Techno-New England and original contra dance tunes, all with a wonderful energy and sense of humor!
Listen to the music of Escape and Alt-Escape on their website http://tunescape.org/escape/

Casey is a familiar face on our dance floor, whose love of contradancing led her to become a caller while at Hartwick College. Since graduating, she has extended her experience at venues throughout upstate NY, where her friendly style and clear instructions combine to create a fun-filled experience for both beginners and experienced dancers.

There's always fun when Peter is performing, so try to join us!

September 5th Contradance

Summer is over and we are dancing again!

Our first dance of the fall season will be Friday, Sept. 5th. Performers will be Curt Osgood, Henry Jankiewicz and John Wobus, with Michael Kernan calling.

The leader of the group, Curt Osgood, plays hammered dulcimer and is joined by Henry Jankiewicz on fiddle and John Wobus on keyboard. Each of these musicians have been performing at concerts and contradances throughout upstate New York for many years as members of other groups. But together, they bring a distinctive sound to the dance, using the harp-like sounds of the dulcimer to play traditional, folk and old-time music, as well as new compositions. You can find more about Curt on his website http://curtosgood.com/newmeet.html"

Summer (July and August) Contradances

We don't hold dances during the summer months (July and August).
Our next dance will be Friday September 5th, 2014.
Music will be by Curt Osgood, with Henry Jankiewicz and John Wobus.
Watch you email, this blog, or our facebook page later for more details about this dance.
And look for our newsletter in August.

Have a wonderful summer...see you in September!

Error in Daily Star Community Calendar

The Thursday edition of the Daily Star made an error in their Community Calendar. They inadvertently listed events occurring on Friday under the heading "Thursday".

Our dance is being held as usual, on FRIDAY night, June 6th (not Thursday).
See you there!

June 6th Contradance

Our June dance will be this Friday, June 6th. Music will be by the band Entwyned and Bob Nicholson will be calling.

Entwyned is a band from Indiana, made up of Twy Bethard, on fiddle and foot percussion, with John Paolillo on mandola, bouzouki, and other mandolin-family instruments. They play “world music with old-time syncopation and a Celtic lilt”, focusing on innovative arrangements of traditional and modern tunes.
While they play regularly in Indianapolis and Bloomington, they also travel to many dances around the east coast. Check out this link https://sites.google.com/site/entwyned/
for more about them and a video with some samples of their music.

Bob, a Syracuse native, has been calling contra and square dances since 1990. But he is best known for his skill as a dance teacher. His relaxed style and patience have made him especially successful with beginner dancers and his enthusiasm and energy make the dances fun for both newcomers and experienced dancers. And you'll frequently find him dancing next to you, to help out beginners or just for the fun of it!

This is the last dance before the summer break, and it's a great one to begin or expand your contradancing experience, so try to get there.

May 2nd Contradance

This May, music for our dance will be provided by Rosetree, with Pamela Goddard calling.

Rosetree is made up of Amy Shapiro on fiddle and nykleharpa and Allen Lutins on guitar.
They play a wonderful variety of Celtic, Americana, Eastern European, Scandinavian and other world folk styles. And their musical skills on a wide range of instruments make for a unique performance.

As a singer and dancer, Pamela has a life-long love of traditional music from both sides of the Atlanic.
A caller for the last 10 years, she has a clear and concise teaching style, a sense of humor and a way of getting everyone interacting.

Join us Friday for another great night of music and dance!

April 4th Contradance

On April 4th, Uncle Joe and the Rosebud Ramblers will be returning and our caller will be David Smukler. David has long been a 'staple' of the Syracuse dance scene, as a dancer, musician, author and caller. Among his many skills, he is well known for his 'singing calls'!
You can find out loads more about David at http://davidsmukler.syracusecountrydancers.org/

Uncle Joe Chicone leads the Ramblers and plays banjo, with Tom Farrell playing guitar, Renee Baum on fiddle, and Nancy Spero on bass.
Listen to some of their music at https://myspace.com/unclejoerosebudramblers/music/songs
or you can find them on facebook!

they're a great band and loads of fun, so try to join us!