Celtic Instruments

Celtic Instruments

Celtic Contradance June 3rd

Our spring season will end on June 3rd with this year's special theme dance ... our Celtic Contradance.

For this dance, the music will be by Erik House and Friends.
Erik is a long-time fiddler and will be joined by Kathy Shimberg and Tom White.
   Kathy plays piano as well as fiddle and banjo, in a number of genres and historic time periods.
   She plays in several bands including Local Seisiun which plays traditional accoustic Irish music.
       Tom is also versatile, playing fiddle, mandolin, concertina, whistle and more.
       He and Erik play with the Cherry Valley band Gravel Yard at benefits and other events.
For this dance, they will be concentrating on tunes of the Celtic tradition,with loads of reels and jigs, and should provide a rousing good time!

Our caller will be Ithaca's Pamela Goddard. Her started contradancing in her early teens and this interest led her into writing, calling and folk singing.
She is known for her clear calling style and her interest in Traditional music from both sides of the Atlantic. This gives her a vast repertoire which gets everyone interacting. She may even call an Irish Square.

The hall will be decorated with Celtic memorabilia and symbols of the Celtic nations.
And there will be some tasty Irish and Scottish snacks.

As a special treat, during our break, some students from the O'Donnell-Kelly School of Irish Dance will give a short performance of Ceili dances (Irish stepdancing).

We're hoping that many of you will come dressed for the occasion...tartans, tams, or even a kilt!
But of course, this isn't necessary...just come dressed comfortably and ready for a night of fun!

May 6th Contradance

Our dance this month will feature Uncle Joe and the Rosebud Ramblers with Peter Blue calling.

The band is made up of members Joe Chicone on banjo, fiddler Renee Baum, Mike Charnoky playing guitar, and Robin Ploss on bass. They play a wonderful mix of lively New England fiddle tunes, energetic old-time tunes from before the Civil War and family oriented traditional folk tunes. And to top it off, Uncle Joe, Mike, and Robin do vocals also!

Click here https://www.reverbnation.com/unclejoeandtherosebudramblers to listen to one of their tunes.

Peter is a musician, caller, and long-time dancer from Oneonta, who has appeared throughout the northeast with many of the top bands. His vast repertoire of dances from many musical styles and his easy-going calling style always make for an entertaining evening for all.

And remember, you don't need a dance partner or any experience, since each dance is taught.
Hope to see you there for all the fun.

Chenango Arts Council DEC Awards Ceremony

Thursday, CAC had its annual DEC Awards Ceremony. Otsego Dance Society was fortunate enough to be one of 16 non-profit groups in Otsego County to be awarded a grant for our monthly contradance series. (Additionally, there were 34 recipients from Broome and Chenango counties.)

President Chris Burrington and Treasurere Barbara Duffy attended the ceremony and received a generous check. The money from this grant goes exclusively to the musicians who perform at our dances and it helps us continue presenting the wonderful bands we have every month!

Joseph Angelino presented the awards for Otsego county,
representing Assemblyman Clifford Crouch.

                                     And Chris and Barbara smile as they display the check!

Many thanks to the Chenango Arts Council for all the work involved in reviewing and selecting the recipients from the many applications!

April 1st Contradance

Yes, it's April Fool's Day but this is no joke!
Our April dance will have Crooked Sixpence playing and Ed Bugel calling.

Crooked Sixpence is a trio based in Ithace and led by fiddler Kathy Selby with Gordon Bonnet playing flute and John Wobus on piano/keyboard.
Kathy, born in England, brings her skills in fiddling Irish, Scottish and Quebecois tunes. Gordon reflects his Louisiana upbringing in his love of French and Breton music and John adds his years of experience as a contradance pianist. 
Together they create a spirited sound of traditional tunes, along with some original ones. 

Ed is a local caller from Oneonta and a longtime contradancer. He incorporates his love of energetic dances and his quirky sense of humor into his calling. He calls a mixture of traditional and contemporary contradances, some of his own devising, and has a clear and friendly teaching style which is fun for dancers of all skill levels, whether beginner or experienced.

Check out Kathy's website for more information about this and other groups she plays with. (and from the 'home' page, you can also listen to a couple of her fiddle tunes!)

So join us April 1st for some great music which will, as Kathy says, have you “out of your seat and up on your feet!”

March 4th Contradance

Our March dance will have music by Traverse and Garry Aney calling.

Traverse is a locally-based band featuring Liz Brown on flute, Carol Mandigo on guitar, and Bernd Neumann on fiddle. Together they play traditional music from the various Celtic cultures and contemporary American contradance tunes."

You can listen to some of their music at https://soundcloud.com/traverse_tunes
Garry comes from Mohawk, NY and is a long-time contradancer himself. He uses his love of historical interpretation to create an unique mix of traditional and contemporary dances, ranging from American Revolution era to 21st century modern dances. 

Daily Star Press Release for February 5th contradance

If you read the Daily Star Community News today, you will see that, due to a mix-up, the information published about our February contradance is from our January dance.

A correction will be in tomorrow's paper (we hope), but here is the scoop.

Our dance will be held tomorrow night, Feb. 5th at 8:00 pm, Music will be by Men in Black (Robert Calandresa, John Potocnik, and Tom Ives) and Bob Nicholson will be calling.

Hope this clears up the confusion.

February 5th Contradance

For our February 5th dance, the music will be provided by Men in Black and Bob Nicholson will be calling.

Men in Black is made up of Robert Calandresa, John Potocnik, and Tom Ives, some of our fine local musicians.
As the band's leader, Robert has played accordion for many years in bands such as Klipnockie and Tame Rutabaga. He also has written many dance tunes and is a frequent dancer at our monthly events. John is a skilled traditional fiddler who is well known for playing with numerous area bands. He and his wife Carol Mandigo are also founders of the Catskill Puppet Theater, where they combine their musical skills and education with puppetry, to the delight of many . Tom Ives rounds out the trio on bass. They play a mix of
Celtic, French Canadian and Appalcahian fiddle music, as well as some original tunes by Robert.

Our caller, Bob Nicholson is a lifelong resident of Syracuse  and has been calling contra and square dances for more than 25 years. He appears at dances and festivals throughout New York, Pennsylvania, Ontario and beyond, and shows his love of contradancing with his enthusiasm and friendliness wherever he is calling.
Bob is well known for his relaxed teaching style and patience, which have made him especially successful with beginner dancers. And for veteran dancers, his enthusiasm and skill for picking the right dance for the crowd makes for a funfilled evening..

If you've never contradanced, this is a wonderful time to give it a try!
And if you already know how much fun it is, join us on Friday!