April 4th Contradance

On April 4th, Uncle Joe and the Rosebud Ramblers will be returning and our caller will be David Smukler. David has long been a 'staple' of the Syracuse dance scene, as a dancer, musician, author and caller. Among his many skills, he is well known for his 'singing calls'!
You can find out loads more about David at http://davidsmukler.syracusecountrydancers.org/

Uncle Joe Chicone leads the Ramblers and plays banjo, with Tom Farrell playing guitar, Renee Baum on fiddle, and Nancy Spero on bass.
Listen to some of their music at https://myspace.com/unclejoerosebudramblers/music/songs
or you can find them on facebook!

they're a great band and loads of fun, so try to join us!

March 7th Contradance

The March dance will have Ed Bugel calling and music by NO'Shanigans.

Ed, one of our own dancers, has been calling locally for years and offers
a wide variety of dances, adding his own brand of humor to his style.

NO'Shanigans is an offshoot of Mike Ludgate's band O'Shanigans, with Mike on mandolin and several 'occasional members' playing fiddle and other instruments.

For our dance, Mike will be playing his mandolin (and feet) and he's bringing Sophie Orzechowski on fiddle and accordion.
You can find more about Mike's bands (O'Shanigans, NO'Shanigans, et al) on their website http://www.canaaninstitute.org/oshanigans.html

February 7th Contradance

Our February contradance will have Casey Mullaney alling and music by Eleemosynary,
made up of Peter Blue on nyckleharpa, button acordion and percussion, Carol Mandigo on guitar and Danny Birnbaum on bass.
Eleemosynary means "of, pertaining to, or dependent upon charity." Accordingly a portion of the band's income at each performance is donated to local charities.

January 3rd Contradance

We will begin the 2014 season with Peter Blue calling and
music by Bernie Neumann, Carol Mandigo, and Liz Brown.
We will add more details in a week or so. Check back for more updates.


Due to the prediction for bad weather tonight,
especially during the times when our dancers would be traveling,
the Board has decided to CANCEL tonight's contradance.

Have a very Happy New Year and see you in 2014!

December 6th Contradance

The December dance will be held on Friday, December 6th.
The band will be Ms Marty & SGB, and Casey Mullaney will be calling.

Casey began calling while a student at Hartwick College and since then, has appeared frequently at dances in upstate New York. Her warm, friendly style reflect her love of contradancing and her clear, skillful instructions make dancing a pleasure for beginners and experts alike.

Ms Marty & her “Smokin' Good Band” come from Ithaca and have been playing dances in and around central New York for more than 10 years. The band includes Marty Blodgett on fiddle, Jess Youngquest playing guitar and harmonica and usually one more guest musician. They are well known for mixing rags and swing tunes into their dance music and Jess will frequently add a fun-loving touch with vocals like 'It's a Sin to Tell a Lie'.

November 1st Contradance

Our November dance will be Friday November 1st. Calling will be Bob Nicholson to the music of Crooked Sixpence.

Crooked Sixpence is a group featuring Kathy Selby on fiddle, pianist John Wobus and flutist Gordon Bonnet. Kathy, a native of England, brings her skills in fiddling Irish, Scottish and Quebecois tunes, Gordon reflects his Louisiana upbringing in his love of French and Breton music and John adds his years of experience as a contradance pianist. They create a spirited sound of traditional tunes as well as new compositions, which blend into a great night of dancing! See more about Kathy on her website www.kathyselby.com

Bob is well known throughout upstate New York for his relaxed teaching style, patience, energy, and ability to make the dance fun. He has a knack for making newcomers feel welcome and proficient, helping them through more complicated moves. At the same time, he keeps experienced dancers challenged and enjoying the dance.

If you have thought about trying contradancing, this is a great time to do it1 But be sure to come on time, since there is more instruction during the earlier, simpler dances.