January 6th Contradance

Our first contradance in 2012 will be held on Friday January 6th at the Presbyterian Church in Cooperstown. Peter Blue will be calling and music will be provided by Erik House and Carol Mandigo,

Both Erik and Carol are local performers who have been playing for more that 30 year each. Erik, a familiar face from Springfield Center, has been fiddling most of his life. Carol plays guitar and frequently teams up with other area musicians. Their repertoire is primarily a mix of Irish, French Canadian & American dance tunes.

Peter Blue has been calling contradances throughout the Northeast for years. He has an easygoing calling style and sense of humor that makes the dances enjoyable for everyone at all levels of dance experience.
In addition, he occasionally joins with the band, adding his percussion & instrumental skills.

We're looking forward to another great year ofmusic and dancing...hope to see you Friday!

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