April 6th Contradance

Our next contradance will be on Friday April 6th at the Presbyterian Church in Cooperstown. The featured band will be the Flying Garbanzos with caller Hannah Otten.

Flying Garbanzos is a four-piece contra dance band based in North Adams, Mass. Band members are Eric Buddington on fiddle, Tony Pisano, playing guitar and piano accordion, Josh Pisano, percussion and Dale Ott on bass. They play original, contemporary and traditional instrumental tunes, generally of Irish, French-Canadian and Appalachian origin. Their range of styles is diverse, from straight ahead danceable jigs and reels, with occasional touches of Latin, Cajun or swing inflection, to waltzes and airs.
You can hear their music on youtube. Try this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fahP6bPd2Xw or check out their website (http://flyinggarbanzos.com ) for links to other videos and MP3 files.

Hannah is a dancer and caller from eastern NYS and has been calling there and in western Massachusetts. Skilled with beginners as well as experienced dancers, she brings fun and an infectious joy to the evening.

With the band's lively music and Hannah enthusiasm, it's sure to be a evening of great music and lots of fun!

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