June 1st Contradance

The June dance will be on Friday June 1st at the Presbyterian Church (corner of Pioneer St and Church St). Bob Nicholson will be calling and the band will be O'Shanigans.

O'Shanigans is a 3-piece band from Ithaca, made up of Phil Robinson, Tim Ball, and Mike Ludgate. Each of them has deep musical backgrounds, they all play several instruments and are members of several different bands. But with O'Shanigans, Phil plays guitar, Mike is on mandolin and Tim provides the fiddling. Their music represents styles and sounds of Celtic traditions, as well as various areas of America and throughout the world. Check their website http://www.canaaninstitute,org/oshanigans.html to find out more about this great group.

Bob Nicholson is a familiar face, calling contradances since 1990 throughout New York, Pennsylvania and beyond. His relaxed style and patience make him especially successful with beginner dances and he has a knack for selecting the right dance for the skill level of the crowd. If you are new at contradancing, or have been thinking of trying it, this would be a great time to come.

The June dance is the last one before we break for the summer, so try to get there.

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