October 5th Contradance

Our next contradance will be on Friday October 5th. The featured band will be Escape! with caller Casey Carr.

Casey, who you may have seen at the 2012 Flurry, has been calling zesty contras and squares since the 70's at major festivals throughout the Northeast and, more recently, in and around Ithaca and Central New York. Using her interesting dance selection, she enables beginners to feel at ease and confident while also challenging more experienced dancers with more compelling dances.

ESCAPE! is made up of Tim Ball on fiddle, Jodi Austin on keys, synths, and cowbell, and Peter Blue on button accordion, nyckelharpa, percussion, and everything else. All three are part of the larger band Tunescape, and refer to Escape! as Tunescape without the NUT. They play a wide variety of musical styles, from traditional to modern, inspired by music from Ireland, New England, Quebec, Sweden and Appalachia. Link to their website http://tunescape.org/escape/ to hear some of their music (recorded at Ithaca contradances).

Hope to can join us for another evening of fun!

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