November 2nd Contradance

Our November contradance will be held on Friday, November 2nd at the Presbyterian Church in Cooperstown. Sarah Van Norstrand will be calling and music will be provided by Kathy Selby, with Hope Grietzer and John Wobus.

A native of England, Kathy plays traditional fiddle music from Great Britain and North America, with a repertoire spanning almost four centuries and ranging from lively jigs and reels to soulful airs and laments. And when she joins fiddle forces with Hope, their twin fiddlin' creates a wonderful experience of rhythm and harmonies. Backing up the fiddlers is John Wobus, an accomplished pianist who has played in the Central NY region for almost twenty years and currently plays in a variety of ensembles. Together, this trio will have your toes tapping and your feet flying!

For more information about Kathy, check out her website , where you will also find links to Hope and John's websites (click 'bands' on Kathy's website).

Sarah, the originator of Syracuse Contry Dancers' annual Contra Prom, has been a dancer, fiddler and caller for seven years. She calls a wide variety of contra dances, as well as some squares and party dances, and has a calling style notable for clear explanations, brisk walk-throughs and overall energy. Above all, Sarah's priority is to make sure that everyone is having as much fun on the dance floor as she is on the stage.

Hope you can join us for some great fiddling music and fun contradances. 

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