December 7th Contradance

This month's Otsego Dance Society contradance will be on Friday, December 7th at the Presbyterian Church in Cooperstown. The featured band will be Jane's Gang and Bob Nicholson will be the caller.

Jane's Gang, led by Jane Rothfield, features her Southern-tinged fiddling with a bit of Celtic flavor. The Gang, a varying collection of musicians, typically is made up of Allan Carr on guitar, David Kiphuth on Banjo, and Geoff Harden on Bass. They play great traditional and original tunes which will really get you dancing! You can find more about Jane on her website

Bob Nicholson is a well-known caller from Syracuse, calling contradances since 1990 throughout New York, Pennsylvania and beyond. His love of dancing and easy-going style adds to his knack for selecting the right dance for the skill level of the crowd. He is especially successful with beginner dancers, helping them to feel comfortable and have fun as they learn.

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