January 4th Contradance

Our 2013 winter season will begin with our contradance on Friday January 4th.
Music will be by Bernie Neuman, Carol Mandigo, and John Potocnik and Garry Aney will be calling.

Area musicians Bernie, Carol, and John frequently join forces, playing a wide variety of Quebecois, Irish, Scottish, Breton, English, and American old-time tunes. Bernie is a 15-year veteran on the fiddle, John also joins in on fiddle, and Carol plays guitar and as well as doing vocals.

Caller Garry combines his love of historical interpretation with modern influences to call a pleasing balance of contemporary and traditional contradances. Mixing dances from the Revolutionary War era, the nineteenth, twentieth, and even twenty-first centuries, he is sure to provide an unusual and fun-filled evening.

Join us as we usher in a new year, one sure to be filled with great music, dancing, and fun!

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