June 7th Contradance

Our next dance will be Friday, June 7th.
Peter Blue will be calling, with music by Rosetree.

Rosetree is a Binghamton-area band, consisting of Amy Shapiro playing fiddle & nyckelharpa and Allen Lutins on guitar. Formerly part of the contradance group "Wild Rose and the Thorns", they formed the duo "Rosetree", playing Celtic, Americana, Eastern European, Scandinavian and other world folk styles. You can find more about Rosetree on their website www.lutins.org/rosetree

Peter is well known as a caller and musician, playing in the bands Tunescape and Escape, and calling frequently at dances throughout the northeast, with many musicians including Jay Ungar and Molly Mason. And, of course, you see him at our dances regularly.

This is our last dance before the summer break, so try to get to this one!

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