April 4th Contradance

On April 4th, Uncle Joe and the Rosebud Ramblers will be returning and our caller will be David Smukler. David has long been a 'staple' of the Syracuse dance scene, as a dancer, musician, author and caller. Among his many skills, he is well known for his 'singing calls'!
You can find out loads more about David at http://davidsmukler.syracusecountrydancers.org/

Uncle Joe Chicone leads the Ramblers and plays banjo, with Tom Farrell playing guitar, Renee Baum on fiddle, and Nancy Spero on bass.
Listen to some of their music at https://myspace.com/unclejoerosebudramblers/music/songs
or you can find them on facebook!

they're a great band and loads of fun, so try to join us!

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