October 3rd Contradance

Our October dance will be held Friday, October 3rd. Music will be by Alt-Escape and the caller will be Casey Mullaney.

Alt-Escape is an offshoot from the band Tunescape and a variation of 'Escape' (another offshoot). It is made up of Tim Ball on fiddle, Gail Blake on guitar and Peter Blue playing button accordion, nyckelharpa, and percussion. Like Tunescape, their music borrows from nearly every dance music tradition, playing Quebecois-Irish-Swedish-French-Techno-New England and original contra dance tunes, all with a wonderful energy and sense of humor!
Listen to the music of Escape and Alt-Escape on their website http://tunescape.org/escape/

Casey is a familiar face on our dance floor, whose love of contradancing led her to become a caller while at Hartwick College. Since graduating, she has extended her experience at venues throughout upstate NY, where her friendly style and clear instructions combine to create a fun-filled experience for both beginners and experienced dancers.

There's always fun when Peter is performing, so try to join us!

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