February 5th Contradance

For our February 5th dance, the music will be provided by Men in Black and Bob Nicholson will be calling.

Men in Black is made up of Robert Calandresa, John Potocnik, and Tom Ives, some of our fine local musicians.
As the band's leader, Robert has played accordion for many years in bands such as Klipnockie and Tame Rutabaga. He also has written many dance tunes and is a frequent dancer at our monthly events. John is a skilled traditional fiddler who is well known for playing with numerous area bands. He and his wife Carol Mandigo are also founders of the Catskill Puppet Theater, where they combine their musical skills and education with puppetry, to the delight of many . Tom Ives rounds out the trio on bass. They play a mix of
Celtic, French Canadian and Appalcahian fiddle music, as well as some original tunes by Robert.

Our caller, Bob Nicholson is a lifelong resident of Syracuse  and has been calling contra and square dances for more than 25 years. He appears at dances and festivals throughout New York, Pennsylvania, Ontario and beyond, and shows his love of contradancing with his enthusiasm and friendliness wherever he is calling.
Bob is well known for his relaxed teaching style and patience, which have made him especially successful with beginner dancers. And for veteran dancers, his enthusiasm and skill for picking the right dance for the crowd makes for a funfilled evening..

If you've never contradanced, this is a wonderful time to give it a try!
And if you already know how much fun it is, join us on Friday!

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