December 2nd Contradance

Our last contradance of the year will be held on Friday December 2nd at the Presbyterian Church in Cooperstown. Peter Blue will be the caller and the music will be provided by the Men in Black.

Peter has been calling contradances throughout the Northeast with many musicians including Jay Ungar and Molly Mason. With an easygoing calling style and sense of humor, he draws on his large repertoire of dances to provide an evening of fun for people of all skill levels.

Men in Black is a recently-formed trio, organized by Robert Calandresa and made up of Robert, John Potocnik, and Tom Ives. 
Robert is a life-long accordionist and has played contradances locally, the Albany area and western Massachusetts. He has also played in local musical productions and has published his own tune book. 
John is a skilled traditional fiddler, well-known as part of many area contradance bands, as well as being co-founder of the Catskill Puppet Theatre. 
Tom is another fixture in the local music scene. After many years teaching instrumental music in area schools, he has become a dedicated bass player, adding its rhythm and deep sounds to the group. 

Together the trio's strong and energetic playing reflects the rich variety of their musical backgrounds.

Come kick off your holiday season with some great dancing! And if you're new to contradancing, come at 7:45 for an introduction to some basic dance steps.

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