January 6th Contradance

We'll be starting our 2017 season with a contradance on Friday January 6th.
Ed Bugel will be the caller and music will be by Traverse.

Ed is a local caller from Oneonta and a longtime contradancer. He incorporates his love of energetic dances and his quirky sense of humor into his calling. He calls a mixture of traditional and contemporary contradances, some of his own devising, and has a clear and friendly style which is fun for all dancers, whether beginners or veterans.

Traverse is a locally-based band featuring Liz Brown on flute, Carol Mandigo on guitar, and Bernd Neumann on fiddle. Together they play traditional music from a repertoire of Celtic and French Canadian tunes as well as contemporary American contra dance tunes.

Remember that starting this month, our dance times will change. We will start at 7:30 and go until 10:30
Robby will be continuing our introduction to some contradancing basics, which will now start at 7:15.

So start your New Year with some fun dancing and join us on the 6th.

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