March 3rd Contradance

Our caller will be Peter Blue and the music will be by Erik House and Friends.

Peter is well known throughout New York, New England and beyond as a musician, caller, and organizer of the Pine Lake dances at Hartwick College. His easy-going calling style and sense of humor make for an evening full of surprises.

Erik House is the leader of this month's band and a life-long fiddler from Springfield Center. He will be joined by “Friends” Kathy Shimberg and Tom White. Kathy plays piano and several other instruments in a variety of styles and has been involved in contradancing for years as a caller and dancer as well as a musician. Tom is also versatile, playing fiddle, mandolin, whistle and more. 

 So with this great group, as Erik says, “we should have a rousing good dance”.
Hope to see you on the 3rd!

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