September 1 Contradance

Summer is rapidly coming to a close and we will be contradancing again SOON!

Our September dance will have Rosetree playing and Garry Aney calling.

Rosetree is a duo from the Binghamton area, made up of Amy Shapiro on fiddle 
and nyckleharpa and Allen Lutins on guitar. 
The duo plays contradances throughout New York and Pennsylvania, 
where they feature European folk music (especially Celtic, Eastern European and Scandinavian) 
as well as 'Old Time', Bluegrass and other 'Americana' classics.

Garry Aney combines his background in historical interpretation with modern influences, offering an interesting balance of contemporary and traditional contradances. He calls dances from many periods of American history and should provide a great combination with Rosetree's Americana classics and other worldwide folk music

Start your Labor Day activities with us and join us Friday September 1st!
And remember, beginners can come at 7:15 for a intro to some basic contradance steps.

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