November 3rd Contradance

For our November dance, Fancy That will be the musicians.
The band is made up of Curt Osgood playing hammered dulcimer, Henry Jankiewicz on fiddle and John Wobus on keyboard.

And our caller this month will be Hannah Otten.

Curt, Henry and John all perform throughout New York as members of several different bands in a variety of styles. But when they come together as Fancy That, the dulcimer and fiddle combination provides a unique sound.

Hannah is a caller and fiddler from Columbia County and has led dances in eastern New York State and Massachusetts for several years, in addition to teaching fiddle at the Maine Fiddle Camp.

Remember that we start dancing at 7:30 but if you are a beginner, come at 7:15 and Hannah and Robby will give an introduction to some basic steps.

Hope to see you there!

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