December 4th Contradance

Our December dance will feature local musicians Erik House, Kathy Shimberg, and Tom White.
Our caller will be Peter Blue.

Erik, from Springfield Center, has been fiddling most of his life. For many years, he and Kathy played together, frequently at our dances in Cooperstown, as well as with other bands.

Kathy is a life-long musicians from Mt. Vision. She plays a variety of instruments, piano being her specialty, although she also plays banjo and fiddle. She plays a wide variety of genres and styles and enjoys improvising harmonic variations within older traditional music. Over her career, she has played with a number of contradance bands as well as several bands playing for English Country dances and traditional Irish music.

Tom and Erik currently play with the Cherry Valley band 'Gravel Yard' for weddings, parties and other events.
Tom plays many different instruments but for our dance, he'll probably bring his fiddle, mandolin, concertina, and whistle!

Added to this combination is Peter Blue, a well-known Oneonta caller, musician, and dance organizer. Peter has called throughout the northeast and, in the past, has played with Erik and Kathy.
Peter has a casual calling style, a huge repertoire of dances, and a sense of humor which makes all his dances a fun experience!

As Erik has said, this promises to be a 'rousing good dance', so try to get there!

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