April 1st Contradance

Yes, it's April Fool's Day but this is no joke!
Our April dance will have Crooked Sixpence playing and Ed Bugel calling.

Crooked Sixpence is a trio based in Ithace and led by fiddler Kathy Selby with Gordon Bonnet playing flute and John Wobus on piano/keyboard.
Kathy, born in England, brings her skills in fiddling Irish, Scottish and Quebecois tunes. Gordon reflects his Louisiana upbringing in his love of French and Breton music and John adds his years of experience as a contradance pianist. 
Together they create a spirited sound of traditional tunes, along with some original ones. 

Ed is a local caller from Oneonta and a longtime contradancer. He incorporates his love of energetic dances and his quirky sense of humor into his calling. He calls a mixture of traditional and contemporary contradances, some of his own devising, and has a clear and friendly teaching style which is fun for dancers of all skill levels, whether beginner or experienced.

Check out Kathy's website for more information about this and other groups she plays with. (and from the 'home' page, you can also listen to a couple of her fiddle tunes!)

So join us April 1st for some great music which will, as Kathy says, have you “out of your seat and up on your feet!”

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