May 4th (Cuatro de Mayo) Contradance

This month's contradance will be held on Cuatro de Mayo, an early Cinco de Mayo celebration.  
Our caller will be Bob Nicholson and the music will be by Eileen Nicholson Kalfass and John Wobus.

Bob Nicholson, a caller from Syracuse, has an easy-going style which is especially helpful for beginners.
And his large repertoire of contradances, squares and other dances of all types will likely include something to fit the dance's theme.

John Wobus plays piano at contradances and jams in the NY and New England area and is part of several groups including Fancy That and Crooked Sixpence. Eileen Kalfass plays fiddle and is a member of the bands Seaglass, Happy Endings, and Continental Drift.
John and Ellen's tunes typically include ones from New England, Scotland, Ireland, and Quebec, but they may find something with a Mexican flavor.

Contradancing is a lively style of dance done to live music that is very social and loads of fun. All ages are welcome and no experience or dance partner is needed. The steps are easy to learn and the caller teaches each dance. 

So this dance, with its fiesta-style decorations and Mexican treats is sure to be fun for all ages!

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