June 1st Contradance

After a great time at our Cuatro de Mayo dance in May, we're ready for another contradance on June 1st at the Presbyterian Church in Cooperstown. Our caller will be Hannah Otten and the music will be by Traverse.

Hannah Otten is a caller and fiddler from Columbia County NY. She has called throughout New York State and New England, and also teaches fiddle at Maine Fiddle Camp every summer. She has a clear calling style and a fun-loving teaching style, making the dance fun for beginners and veterans alike.

Traverse is a locally-based trio from the Oneonta and Cobleskill area. The band features Liz Brown on flute, Carol Mandigo on guitar, and Bernd Neumann on fiddle. Together they play traditional music from the various Celtic cultures as well as jigs and reels from New England and Quebec.

We're looking forward to an evenng of wonderful music and some nice spring weather, so hope you can join us!

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