February 1st Contradance

At our February contradance, Ed Bugel will be calling and Peter Blue will introduce his new band, Eleemosynary.

Ed is a longtime contradancer who incorporates his love of energetic dances into his calling in a pleasing mix of traditional and contemporary dances. He blends clear teaching with his self-proclaimed 'quirky' sense of humor, to produce a calling style that is friendly to dancers of all skill levels.

Eleemosynary is made up of Peter Blue on nyckelharpa, button accordions and percussion, Carol Mandigo on guitar, and Danny Birnbaum on bass. Peter and Carol have teamed up off and on for more than 30 years and all three are members of other popular contrabands and regulars at traditional music sessions. Eleemosynary grew out of those sessions and a desire to play together for dancing. They play traditional tunes and original compositions by Peter. Smooth jigs, elegant reels, some tunes from Quebec, and extra waltzes will all be on the program.

It should be an evening full of fun and some unusual musical experiences, so try to join us. You'll also find out the meaning of 'Eleemosynary', if you haven't looked it up already!

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